Hyatt Regency Orange County / Amaya Lounge Buena Park / Engagement Photographer / Sangeet Ceremony / Navneet + Sumjyot

        This was a fun engagement event and I would like to start off with a little story about Navneet and Sumjyot. They met online through an Indian matrimonial website (, Navneet and Sumjyot had an instant chemistry when they started talking! Everything just seemed so natural and they found a deep connection with each other. Both Navneet and Sumjyot feel that it was a dream come true that they found each other and it was believed to be true romance. They have been together since August 2014, and engaged for about 10 months now. Together, they both LOVE photography, dancing, traveling, enjoying nature with an amazing view, watching movies, and they're both fanatics for Game of Thrones.

         In a traditional Sikh wedding, it could last several days! It all begins with a ring ceremony followed by Tikka ceremony at the Gurdwaras (Sikh temple) then there is a SANGEET (party from the groom side) followed by the Mehndi (henna tattoo) ceremony for both the bride and groom. Then there's a Fera lunch which takes place at the bride's house the day after the wedding, followed by a wedding reception which is the finale to all the festivities! 

         Marriage means a lot to Navneet and Sumjyot. They believe in growing old with your better half, a commitment for life. Through all the ups and downs that come with life they stand together as two bodies ONE soul. Marriage also means spending your time with that special someone who makes life so much more enjoyable, and also being a great support system every step of the way. They are both thrilled to be going to Hawaii for their honeymoon. These two cuties envision spending their married lives together with tons of traveling, loving and smiling every step of the way... and they would love to have children in their future as well. 

          This was my first traditional Indian wedding, and I love everything about this colorful and friendly culture. There was so much dancing, entertainment put on by the couple's families, delicious Indian foods, and everywhere I looked there were gorgeous gowns worn by beautiful ladies. My camera couldn't stop clicking! I simply enjoyed every moment of the festivities. Thank you Navneet and Sumjyot for choosing my husband David and I as your engagement/wedding photographers and allowing us to capture your greatest joy with your loved ones! We can't wait until your wedding next week... YAY! Please enjoy some great photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Thank you.