Burdorf Park Fullerton CA - Boffo Video - Portrait & Group Photographer - A Dynamic Wedding Videographer Team!

I have been a great fan of Boffo Video since I started planning for my wedding last year 2014. All of their videos are simply amazing and breathtaking... My husband and I enjoyed our wedding video very much. I did noticed that Boffo Video website didn't have any faces behind a great team so one day I approached the lovely Boffo couple Paul & Stella if they were interested in showcasing their awesome team, of course the answer was YES! I was thrilled and beyond excited to captured Boffo's funny and friendly personalities on camera. During the photoshoot, everyone kept laughing, having such a great time, and their team bonding was very genuine & super close group of people... Overall, I was very honored and happy to captured their best self through these incredibly fun photos... so Enjoy!