Santa Monica Pier - Tower 16 - Los Angeles - Engagement Photographer - Maria + Johnny

This was the sweetest surprise proposal I've been a part of! It all started when Johnny contacted me and he had the idea of asking his long-term girlfriend Maria for her hand in marriage, right next to the beautiful and famous Santa Monica Pier. Of course, I was thrilled and excited about how this story would unfold, and I gladly accepted his idea. I know I look like a tourist everywhere I go because I always have my camera with me! In this scenario, it worked out perfectly as I was disguised as a casual tourist snapping photos at the beach at 8:30am in the morning, and Maria had no clue I was hiding out to capture her life-changing surprise moment. Johnny planned for all their closest friends to film the whole proposal from a distance, meanwhile I captured the 'money shot' and it was a success.

I am so honored to have captured such joy and happiness, and these photos will be cherished for many years to come. Thank you for having me as your marriage proposal and engagement photographer, and big congratulations to Maria and Johnny!