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This past October, Gabriela came to me for a spectacular idea with a chalk board to surprise her boyfriend Bryan that they are expecting a baby. And immediately I said yes because their story was so beautiful. Bryan was in total shocked after she revealed what was written on the chalk board but overall, he was thrilled for the awesome news. Here's what Gabriela and Bryan in their own words had to say about their relationship and joy about this great pregnancy. Enjoy...

"Gabriela and Bryan in August 2016 on our summer vacation in Rosario, Baja CA. The memories we have shared and the bond we have created is one of a kind. We believe that "With love there are no rules. The heart decides and what it decides is what really matters." Love comes unexpectedly and from the moment we first laid eyes on each other we knew right away we were meant to be together. Right away we felt the chemistry between each other and shortly after that we became inseparable. No matter where you meet someone whether it is a fancy restaurant or nightclub what matters the most is what you pursue with the relationship after. 

We both love to dance and spend quality time with each other's family. We also love taking road trips together. We both share interests in watching boxing. Now that we live together we take walks to the beach, sit near the water and watch the waves together. We could be doing absolutely nothing and we are both the happiest just with each other's presence. 

Bryan loves the fact that Gabriela is very thoughtful of him and others, how love able she is and the great vibes she brings which makes us share fun times together. She is also very family oriented. I love the fact that she was willing to sacrifice moving out for the first time from Sacramento and starting a new life with me in Long Beach. Gabriela loves that Bryan is also very thoughtful and patient. The transition moving out to Long Beach wasn't easy and he was there every step of the way making sure I have was happy and comfortable with whatever I needed. I also love how loving he is and caring. What I love about Bryan is how great of a person he is that he will go out of his way to help anyone. 

We envision our future as soon to be parents by devoting ourselves to each other and making our child our main priority. Our objective is to raise our child with the same morals and ethics that we were raised with. The only thing we can ask for is a healthy child and a healthy pregnancy. We feel super blessed and fortunate to love each other, to have each others first child, and to live our lives together. We are ready to give our child every opportunity to live a happy life. 

We believe that the key to a good relationship is trust and communication. We are both very trustworthy and honest with one another. We grow as a couple everyday and over come obstacles together. We definitely keep our relationship alive by making sure the spark we felt for each other when we first met doesn't die. Couples can go through stages where they don't feel love anymore and in our case we truly fall in love with each other more and more everyday. We have became inseparable and each other's life partners. I truly believe I found my soul mate from the moment we laid eyes on each other. We have built a relationship that nobody or anything can come in between."

CONGRATULATIONS on your bundle of joy Gabriela and Bryan!!! Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts and stories with the world. We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness. Thank you for allowing me to capture your special moment with Bryan. Please enjoy some great photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Cheers!