Tongva Park Santa Monica / Family Photographer / Michelle + Matt + Porter

    We enjoyed capturing the love between a family and how their personalities just shine through these great photographs. It was a beautiful day in Santa Monica, just a block away from the pier, there's a beautiful park called Tongva. There were many colorful playgrounds for kids. Here's an adorable family with the handsome little Porter who's an active two years old and his sweet parents Michelle and Matt. His parents met through mutual friends when they lived in New Orleans. Together, they have been together for 11 years! 

    They are an active outdoor family and own a full playground & splash pad circuit that Porter truly adored. What Michelle love most about Matt is his dedication to his family, compassion towards others, patience and his humor. Matt truly and deeply love Michelle, she is as an amazing Mom to their son Porter. Together, they are inseparable! Michelle, Matt and the family were pleased and loved how these photos turned out. So please enjoy these beautiful family photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Thank you.