Maternity Photography / A Little Princess is on Her Way / Janice + David

In the beginning, there was only David and I... then came along one of the greatest news of our lives. We found we were expecting back in April of 2016, and kept it a little secret between the both of us. On my Birthday month of August is when we officially make a pregnancy announcement to the world. The phase "The Best is Yet to Come" on the shirt I was wearing pretty much sum it up our excitement.  I was 16 week pregnant at the time, we had no clue what the gender of the baby was but there was a small baby bump to showcase already. 

Throughout the year of 2016 while being pregnant and growing a baby bump and all, I was hard at work doing what I love most.. which is photography! We did everything from Weddings, Engagements, Maternities, Family & Holiday mini sessions.. of course with the best partner that I can asked for, my husband David who shared this passion of mine also. And YES, we are still booking weddings for 2017 starting from mid February and on. We love our job as wedding and family photographers and couldn't imagine life without it. 

A big THANK YOU to all our amazing clients, families and friends for their love and support in our photography journey. We love you!! 

** Most of the beautiful photos was taken by my husband David. Please enjoy some great photos! :)

Experimenting with Light Photography at night when we found out the gender of our baby.

Some fun Pumpkin photoshoot at the Malibu Cafe in LA - I was 25 week pregnant here. Also, Halloween is our favorite time of the year and this time we got to be creative. We decided to do a gender swap this year, to showcase my baby bump I've gone South and dressed up as a hillbilly hairy beer belly man meanwhile my husband is a pretty blond chick that loves to drink beer too! LOL. Our Halloween costumes has got to be our most hilarious and epic one yet. We sure enjoyed every moment of it and everyone else did too. 


Fast forward to the weekend of Thanksgiving 2016, David and I went to Pismo Beach for our Babymoon. It took us about 3 hours to get there from Long Beach, but it was so worth it. The scenery and fresh air was just simply gorgeous. We enjoyed our walks at the pier, eating out, and going to local lounges to check out the music and atmosphere in the area. At this point I was 32 week pregnant, baby girl was growing strong and baking nicely in there! :)

Location: Pismo Beach & Pier, CA

On December 3rd, we had a spectacular Babyshower celebration with our awesome families and friends. It was a princess theme "A Little Princess is on Her Way." My Mother-in-Law hosted the event at her lovely home. All the guests loved the beautiful decorations, all you can eat tacos, sweet table treats, and the fun interactive baby shower games that all our friends enjoyed. Here are some of the highlights of that day:

We had just finished doing a wedding photoshoot in Laguna Beach earlier in the day by the beautiful cliff side. My husband wanted to do some landscape photos and the reveal of our baby girl's 3D ultrasound photo as well.

Location: Laguna Beach Cliff, CA

I've always been a fan of Maternity Boudoir Silhouette photography, so I had my husband David experimented some photos in our own home by the window. The results turned out beautifully and very artistic. I was 38 week pregnant here, it was very difficult to pose and stand still for long. I felt very lucky to still have some energy at this point. Baby girl is definitely a trooper! 

In the early month of December at 33 week pregnant, we had our great friend Dipan Desai to photography our Maternity photos at the Botanical Gardens in Ranch Palos Verdes. His photography style was simply superb, smooth and so dreamy. David and I truly appreciate his creativity and we loved every single photos from the photoshoot. Thank you Dipan!

Amazing Maternity Photos by Dipan Desai Photography