Shoreline Village Long Beach / Engagement Photographer / Monique + Joey

     In a few short weeks, Monique and Joey will be tying the knot. We are very excited for their Big Day and got to captured their beautiful engagement session at the Shoreline Village of Long Beach. Here's more to their love story: Monique and Joey went to the same high school, and had several mutual friends but never really knew each other back then. Thanks to good old social media, Facebook to be exact, the two reconnected. It was Joey's persistence over the course of about a year that they finally went on their first date. You could say the two met "again" when Joey picked up Monique for that date. 

     Joey likes collecting and reading comics. He also enjoys de-stressing on the treadmill while watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother, the Office and Big Bang Theory, Recently Joey is gaining mad handyman skills around the house (that's right, says Monique haha). Monique is into do it yourself projects, cooking (and eating lol) and home decor.  Joey and Monique recently started swing dancing lessons and hope to spruce up those skills soon! The two enjoy anything that is fun, really. 

     In their own words about what characteristics do you like about one another? Monique loves that Joey is open minded and is up for trying/doing anything. Joey will go to a country concert, 80s bar, sit-down dinner, backyard boogie, wine tasting, or just chill. He rarely says no unless he is exhausted from teaching, coaching and mentoring high-schoolers all day. Joey is also very patient when Monique acts like a WWE Diva hahaha! Monique says that Joey has the kindest soul of anyone she knows.

     Joey loves that Monique makes him feel that he's #1 to her.  She will go above and beyond to make him feel loved and cared for. From making him daily meal preps, giving good bye kisses every morning, and sending him on surprise scavenger hunts for his birthday!  Joey also loves Monique's passion for life and having fun in it.  She always keep him on his toes and tries to make the best out of everyday they spend together.  After their 1st date Joey new that he was going to marry Monique for the simple reason that she could drink whiskey, eat french fries and Country line dance with him!

     Monique and Joey envision for their future together as a married couple to be loving one. They both envision their future "living." Meaning doing any and all things that are adventurous, relaxing and different. Their future is about growing young and old together in all aspects of life.  They hope to start a family soon! (Joey's hope is identical twin boys! Just like him). From the start, Joey has done everything to win Monique's heart, 4 day weekends, hot air balloon rides, surprise dates & surprise flowers at work, packages in the mail. Joey is overjoyed that he's marrying the woman of his dreams. And Monique is beyond happy that she have found Mr. Right.

     Congratulations Monique & Joey!!! You two are definitely a total match. Thank you for sharing your love story with us and the world. Thank for allowing us to capture your special and memorable day. Please enjoy some great photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Cheers!