Hartley Botanica Somis / Maternity Photographer / Jessica + Tony

      2 years ago, I met Jessica and Tony through a 2nd shoot with Carissa Woo for their wedding at the beautiful Hartley Botanica in Somis. Since then, we became fast friends and have been keeping in touch. When I heard the news that Jessica and Tony were expecting their first child.. a baby BOY, I was so happy and excited for them. And I was even more thrilled when Jessica asked if I can do their Maternity photos! Jessica and Tony felt that it is best to go back to where they tied the knot at the Hartley Botanica to do their Maternity session. The results was just pure amazing. 

      Here's a brief summary of how their love story started: Tony and Jessica first locked eyes in their Humanities 101 class at CSUN, first semester of freshmen year. They didn't formally meet until they took an Asian American studies class together the second semester. The teacher had an ice breaker game, and each of the students had a list of descriptions of what people had in the room, like "who's wearing a red shirt". The goal was to go up to that person, introduce yourself and then ask that person to sign their name on your worksheet. Jessica had Tony sign her sheet for the tallest person in the room, and the rest is history!

      As for their favorite hobbies... Jessica and Tony love the outdoors; whenever possible they go tent camping, to places like Big Bear, and the Sequoias. They love mountain biking, going to Hawaii, Disneyland and spending time together with family & friends.  Characteristics that they like about one another:  They love being each other's best friend. She loves his smile and he loves her laughter. What do they envision for their future together as a family of 3:  They hope to raise a handsome little man and take him with them on all their adventures in the great outdoors.

      Big Congratulations Jessica and Tony!!! You two will be great parents to your baby boy. We wish your beautiful family all the very best! Thank you for sharing your love story with us and the world. Thank for allowing us to capture your special milestones and memorable day. Please enjoy some beautiful photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Cheers! :)