Heritage Park + Cerritos Sculpture Garden / Engagement Photographer / Monica + Rob

         We were excited for our first engagement photo session of 2018, my husband David and I had the pleasure to captured a beautiful engagement session of Monica & Rob in Cerritos at the Heritage Park and Cerritos Sculpture Garden. We are very excited for their upcoming wedding in November. Congratulations Monica and Rob!! We wish you the very best! Thank for allowing us to capture your special happy moments together and sharing your story to the world. Please enjoy some great photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Cheers! Here are Monica and Rob's love story in their own words. Enjoy!

1) Briefly, how did you two meet? ----- Rob and Monica met through mutual friend, Billy Brownell, in late 2012. After a couple group hang outs Monica gained the courage to ask Rob out on a date. They went to Belmont Brewery and during debated on either going to see Jurassic Park in theaters or to go to second street and get some drinks. Monica was a little nervous so part of her wanted to see the movie so she didn't have to worry about making conversation. She left the decision up to Rob and he decided to go get some drinks. They went to Shannons and ending up talking all night, having great conversation! Was a fun night that lead to many other dates. After months of dating, Monica and Rob went to a Pearl Jam concert and made it official, November 20, 2013!

2) Monica & Rob: What are your favorite hobbies? ----- Rob and Monica enjoy paddle boarding, bike rides and being near the water, usually ending with a sushi date night. Other days they enjoy staying home, baking homemade cookies and watching movies. 

3) What characteristics do you like about one another?  --- Rob likes Monica's optimistic approach, compassion towards not only him but everyone around her, and her generally joyous demeanor; and her stunning beauty always amazes him to think he is this lucky. Monica likes that Rob has such a big heart. He is understanding, kind and a good listener. He supports her no matter and makes her feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

4) How do you envision for your future together as soon to be married couple? ----- Monica and Rob envision lots of adventures in the future. Moving into their first home and also traveling as much as possible! 

5) Anything else you would like to share, you're welcome to. ---- Here is our website link if you want to read a little of our story: theknot.com/us/workman-wedding