Arlington Garden Pasadena / Engagement Photographer / Stephanie + Bobby

     On a beautiful April afternoon, I had the pleasure to captured a beautiful engagement session of Stephanie and Bobby at the gorgeous Arlington Garden in Pasadena. We are very excited for their upcoming wedding in 2 days on June 2nd, 2018. Congratulations Stephanie and Bobby!! We wish you the very best! Thank you for allowing me to capture your special happy moments together and sharing your story to the world. Please enjoy some great photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Cheers! Here are Stephanie and Bobby's love story in their own words. Enjoy!

1) Briefly, how did you two meet? ---- We we’re both celebrating our respective birthdays, only two days apart, in Las Vegas (Bobby as a tourist, Stephanie as a resident). What was only supposed to be one more adult beverage for the evening for Bobby turned into an all-night affair as he sat down next to Stephanie. They quickly bonded over the, ahem, quirky late-night casino goers and stayed out together until the sun came up. They parted ways and the following morning, Bobby wanted to keep in touch. With no way to contact her, he walked a note over to Stephanie’s work with a simple request to pass it along. Only problem? He’d addressed it to “Jennifer,” but it all worked out as Stephanie had forgotten Bobby’s name too! And yet, here we are!  

2) Stephanie & Bobby: What are your favorite hobbies? ---- As nerds of all trades, Stephanie and Bobby are avid readers and comic book collectors. When not reading or collecting, they somehow manage to make time to play video games and go to punk rock shows too!

3) What characteristics do you like about one another? ---- We can make each other laugh on a daily basis, and have a wonderful habit of being able to read one another’s mind, which makes communicating easy!

4) How do you envision for your future together as soon to be married couple? ---- With a lot of laughs and memorable experiences together… along with one heck of a collection along the way!