Wedgewood at The Retreat Champions Club in Corona / Wedding Photographer / Melissa + Daniel

         We had the pleasure and honor of being part of Melissa and Daniel's beautiful wedding at Wedgewood at the Retreat Champions Club in Corona. They had a great pop of color of red as their wedding colors that suits best with the summer heat.  It was such a lovely wedding filled with wonderful family and friends. These two are always fun to be around with, sweet as it can be, and successful in their own terms. 

          After all the time & money spent on wedding planning, and the wedding day is over...what we truly have to show for it are all the memories in still photographs. We believe that's why it's extremely important to have great photographers who are able to make the wedding details live on forever in these amazing images. Congratulations Melissa and Daniel!! We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness! Thank for allowing us to capture your special and memorable day. Please enjoy some great photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Cheers! 

            In their own words, here's Melissa and Daniel's love story:

1) Briefly, how did you two meet? -----  Daniel and Melissa met in a physics class one summer. They sat at opposite ends of the class and didn't really talk to each other. Daniel wanted to start up a conversation but Melissa's shy nose was always buried in a book on class breaks. Finally, after the final, as Melissa walked by Daniel he got her attention and started talking to her. He was dismayed to learn she was going across the state for university. But somehow, the next semester he found her sitting in the Science Club. They quickly met up and she told him how she just couldn't go just yet. And then that was it! He took this as a chance to ask her out and he did! Been together ever since.

2) Melissa and Daniel: What are your favorite hobbies? ----- Melissa enjoys reading books, learning the piano, drawing, hiking and camping. Daniel enjoys tinkering with electronics, designing and building things with his 3D printer. They both love raising their new puppy together and working on their first house together and making it feel like home. 

3) What characteristics do you like about one another? ----- Melissa loves Daniels knack for interesting and challenging projects, his sense of determination to build something on his own no matter how long it takes or what life throws in the way. Daniel loves Melissa's sense of humor and her constant love and encouragement.

4) How do you envision for your future together as a married couple?  ----- Daniel and Melissa envision a beautiful home with lots of loving fun memories captured up on the walls as photos, their beautiful puppy always near by, and in the near future, they hope to be shopping for tiny little socks. 

Vendors Info:

Hired Photographer: Janice Owen Photography // Wedding Coordinator: Caitlin Tate from Wedgwood Banquet // Hair & Makeup artist: Heather Pachs // Bridal Dress: Simply Bridal in Torrance // Venue: Wedgwood at the Retreat Champions Club in Corona // Invitations: Invitations by Wedgewood // Florist: Floral Sensations  // Cake by: Cucamonga Cakery Company // DJ by: JC Entertainment //