California State University of Long Beach / Engagement Photographer / Cortney + Drew

Cortney and Drew have such a cute love story that I must share with the world. They became friends back in 2005 while working as college student aides for a brief time at a Long Beach school. They later bumped into each other at the Cal State University Long Beach campus, got back in touch, and eventually began dating. Cortney and Drew shared their first kiss on the night of his birthday in 2008, and he later proposed in 2014 on the exact same date of December 5th. They will soon get married in November 2015. Cortney is a middle school English teacher who really enjoys her weekly yoga sessions, so I'm glad she and Drew were able to coordinate their yoga poses during the engagement session. Drew's passion is coaching baseball and he's a big fan of LA Dodgers baseball and Kings hockey. Together, Cortney and Drew share similar interests and they can be a pretty competitive couple, enjoying bowling, games, and even Jeopardy! 

Cortney and Drew will be married a week after their six-year anniversary. I'm very excited to capture their big day in November and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it! Please enjoy some of their great engagement photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience.