The Pike / Shoreline Village Long Beach California / Maternity + Family Photographer / Eve + James + Caelyn

This beautiful family is excited for their newest addition this coming October 2014. A little background on how these two wonderful lovers came together that I want to share. Eve and James first met during their college dorm years and found out that they had mutual friends. James had a little crush on Eve and was eager to find out her name through a friend. And soon that mutual friend of James finally introduced them at a gathering. And the rest is history. Eve and James have been together since February 2001 and later got married in August 2010. The love grew stronger when Caelyn was born in December 2013. 

Eve and James enjoy spending time with each other and exploring new things together. Being parents, they love watching Caelyn grow and learn new things. She has opened their eyes to how precious life is and has filled their hearts with so much love in a way they never knew could be so strong. Together as a family, they enjoy singing, dancing, bike rides, tickle-me-time, building pillow forts, reading books, and going out on ice cream dates! Eve and James are extremely excited to expand their family with a baby boy coming soon in October. They are thrilled to have a family of four. And big sister Caelyn couldn't be more happy to have a little brother to play with. Thank you Eve, James and little Caelyn for allowing me to capture your most precious and lovely moments to cherish for a lifetime at the beautiful Pike and Shoreline Village of Long Beach California. Congratulations you guys! Enjoy some of these great memories through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Thank you!