William Mulholland Memorial Fountain / Engagement Photographer / Jessica + Jun

My husband David and I had the pleasure to captured a beautiful engagement session of Jessica and Jun in Los Angeles at the historic William Mulholland Memorial Fountain. Jessica and I met many years ago through mutual friends, and this is where I met Jun as well. These two have always been each other's best friends, they are sweet as it can be, and successful in their own terms. We are very excited for their upcoming wedding in November. Congratulations Jessica + Jun!! We wish you the very best! Thank for allowing us to capture your special milestones. Please enjoy some great photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Cheers! Here's Jessica and Jun's love story in their own words. Enjoy!

1) Briefly, how did you two meet? We worked in the same building, 1st Fl right across from each other. We ran into each other in the elevator and Jun introduced himself to me and continued from there.


2) Jessica and Jun: What are your favorite hobbies? ----- Working out, outdoor activities with the family like hiking, going to amusement parks, museums or just hanging at home with the whole family over some good food. 


3) What characteristics do you like about one another? ----- His always very outspoken and can alway entertain a crowd and of course always keeps me laughing (very important). She's fun, outgoing and realistic. 


4) How do you envision for your future together as soon to be married couple?   ---- We feel that much our relationship won't change we've leaved together for 5 yrs and have been together a total of 7yrs. We do see ourselves in a new home with a new future project to work on that we have in mind. 


5) Anything else you would like to share, you're welcome to. ---- We believe a relationship can keep two people together if you respect, trust and keep good communication with each other..