Disneyland Proposal and Engagement / Engagement Photographer / Ashley + William

We had the pleasure and honor to be part of our good friends Ashley and William's spectacular marriage proposal at Disneyland. We have known William for many wonderful years when my husband David and I was engaged. We have been fast friends since then, and when William came to us for his surprise proposal ideas, we were ecstatic! Luckily all of William's proposal plans have came to fruition thanks to the help of his families and friends. 

Overall, it was a spectacular marriage proposal at Disneyland in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Ashley not only celebrated her Birthday but she also received the greatest gift of all... which is saying "YES to marrying the man of her dreams." -- Big congrats to the happy newly engaged couple Ashley and William! Here are the couple's love story on how they met and fell in love below:

William and Ashley met through the power of the internet. William was told by a good friend that the website "Plenty of Fish" was a good dating website (after all, he met his girlfriend on this website). After many years, William decided it was time to try Plenty of Fish and dip into 'Online Dating.' Little did he know... his first match... would be his last. Ashley was on the top of his match list and he instantly messaged her. And she Messaged back, and their relationship took off into the sky!

Williams favorite hobbies include Editing, playing video games, and listening to Kevin Smith podcasts. But he pickes up new hobbies when dating Ashley - like a absolute love of sushi (its a hobby!!! No one can tell him different) he also like travel, watching movies, and streaming classics cinema. 

When it comes to William's thoughts about Ashley, he adores her! He fell in love with her eyes. Its the first thing he likes to see when he wakes up, and the last before falling asleep. He loves her personality and the love she has shown him. 

William and Ashley as a marries couple will be amazing. Growing old together is a journey that anyone should take, and never ever alone. They will always be together, through hardships and triumphs. William can't wait to have children and for Ashley to give her love to more than just him. 

And every night before he falls asleep, he whispers to her "I love you more"

And in Ashley's own words about William, she said: "William and I have a LOVE or a passion for  sushi. In fact, that was our first date! We both love film, movie and art. A love for little Tokyo and Japanese culture. Our first date was in little Tokyo We also love harry potter. The first thing that drew me to William was his red hair! And his kind soul. No one could ever be as loving and caring as him. The most patience and loyal man. But he always makes me laugh even tho times are hard. He makes me smile." 

Congratulations Ashley and William!! We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness! Thank you for sharing your love story with us and the world. And thanks for allowing us to capture your special and memorable day. Please enjoy some great photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Cheers!