Point Vicente Lighthouse Rancho Palos Verdes / Engagement Photographer / Leslie + Javier

        In a short few days, Leslie and Javier will tied the knot. We are very excited for their Big Day and got to captured their beautiful engagement session at the Point Vicente Lighthouse. Here's more to their love story: Leslie and Javier met on Match.com Leslie had been online dating for about a year. Her pond was full of frogs and she was about to cancel her membership...then she stumbled upon Javier's profile. Javier had been on Match for just 2 weeks before he got a wink from Leslie. Yes, she made the first move which lead them to messaging a few days before exchanging numbers. Our first phone conversation lasted 4 hours! It was an instant connection. They spoke daily for hours at a time plus text messaging throughout the day. Two weeks later they went on our first date, which was the perfect first date. And Leslie and Javier been inseparable ever since! Javier proposed 8 months later at a Raider game! It was a whirlwind romance, they are getting married on April Fools’ Day, so they like to joke and say the theme of their wedding is “Fools Rush In”.

        Leslie & Javier are both huge Oakland Raider and Dodger fans, so they enjoy watching football and baseball games together. They even got engaged at a Raider game last October! Go Raiders! Both of them are into Crossfit, they workout together 5 times a week at their Crossfit gym. And they enjoy cooking together and for each other. 

        In their own words, this is what Leslie and Javier said about each other regarding about what characteristics do you like about each other. Javier: "She‘s the most intelligent person I know. She doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. Always up for anything and never scared to try new things. She’s the CEO, CFO, & COO of our relationship. This will sound very cheesy but she makes me want to be a better person. My performance at work has improved, I started Crossfit which I was always scared of but she made me feel safe. I guess what I am trying to say is I’m not scared of failing or of the unknown because I know she has my back."

        Leslie: "Javier has the biggest heart, he’s a gentleman and chivalrous (he opened the door for me on our first date and does so even today), he has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh every day, even when I’m having a bad day. He’s caring, thoughtful and a great communicator, we spend hours on the phone talking to each other every day. I love coming home to him every day after work. I’m so blessed to be marrying my best friend!"

        Leslie and Javier envision for their future only getting better together as a married couple. They will always date each other so they never lose the fire in our relationship. And they are planning on having a family of their own soon. Leslie and Javier is also looking forward to their romantic honeymoon in the city of love - Paris!

        Congratulations Leslie and Javier!!! Thank you for sharing your love story with us and the world. Thank for allowing us to capture your special and memorable day. Please enjoy some great photos through the Janice Owen Photography experience. Cheers!