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I have always love to dance, when I was 21 years old I had my 15 mins of fame on a show called "Dance 360." The show aired back in 2004. Who knew that my love of photography have taken me the world of DANCE again... now in the digital world. Thank you to my good friend Tram who got me the opportunity to work this past summer with the popular Dance company called DanceOn (co-founder company is Madonna & Nigel Lythgoe). This rise of the next-generation programming set out to make DanceOn the best digital-first programmer for dance entertainment. I got to work with some of the most talented and amazing choreographers and dancers. Check out more dance videos info below and enjoy all the wonderful photos from the set of Dance-Off Juniors and Dance Showdown. Thank you!

Entertainment Info:


Host: Devon Werkheiser (an American actor, voice actor, singer-songwriter and musician) // Judges: Matt Steffanina (a professional choreographer & entrepreneur dedicated to teaching those willing to get on the floor how to dance like a pro), Ladia Yates (Dancer who has shared the stage with superstar artists like Usher, Missy Elliot & Jangle Monae), Todrick Hall (Todrick Hall is an American singer, actor, dancer, director, choreographer, and YouTuber) // Contestants: Leah Roga, Charlize Glass, Bailey Sok, Logan Edra, Will Simmons, and Angel Gibbs.

* You can view this Dance-Off Junior Episode here


Host: D-Trix (a former Quest Crew member, the popular star of theDOMINICshow, a YouTube personality) - Judges: Gabbie Hanna (an American vlogger and web-based comedian of The Gabbie Show) and Madd Chadd (aka "the Robot" one of the most respected dancers in the world, a master in mechanical movement and the style of popping) // Contestants: Brennon Taylor, Nikki Limo, Corey Scherer, and Dan Hill. 

* You can view this Dance Showdown Episode here

Here's my 15 mins of fame! I got featured on national television MTV & Kcal 9 - DANCE 360 aired back in 2004 when I was 21 years young :)  

Show Info:

Dance 360 (year aired 2004-2005) was a modern hip-hop television series in which different dancers competed to win 360 dollars and an Xbox or a cell phone from Boost Mobile. It was hosted by Fredro StarrAlfonso Ribeiro, and Kel Mitchell with DJ K-Sly providing the beats for the dancers. 

The dancers were selected from the audience at the beginning of the show, and they competed one-on-one, with the winner going on to the next round. They were judged by the level of audience applause. In addition to the prizes awarded, the winner was also given the last few seconds of the show to give "shout outs" to friends and family. The show's title comes from the circle on the dance floor where the dancers competed. 

* The show was noted for its famous slogans: "Yo, Fredro, where you at?!", "Three six oooh", "Tag Your Man!*" and "Head To Head!".